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Sophie Summers - content services

We needed snappy creative copy, for our global gaming client. Sophie delivered the goods first time! We’ll work with her again.
— Andrew Bentham - Waste Creative
Her research and writing felt like she’d worked in the company formations industry for years.
— Marie Young - Blue Sky Formations
Her creativity and enthusiasm brought a fresh perspective to briefs. She approached from angles we hadn’t thought of before.
— Anna Lemos - Quick Formations




I'm Sophie. London-based freelance writer with a penchant for long-form, an affinity for all things lifestyle and sustainability and extensive experience of the luxury eCommerce market. I know how customers shop, how they like to be spoken tofrom email to FAQsand I know what bugs me about digital copy.


Specialist in articles, blog posts and "how-to" guides for the corporate, startup and SME sectors. Creative copywriter when the wind takes me. If your message isn't connecting, maybe we could?  

Let's grab a coffee and have a chat about a brief, your business, or the weather.

If that's too forward, drop me an email for a good old digital convo.  










Prose not poppin'? From fire safety tips to zero-proof spirits, I'll research, write and edit according to your tone of voice and SEO requirements. Or I'm happy to lend a steer.

No subject is too techy or "boring". I'll be able to spin an interesting yarn. Test me, if you like?



Your blog is your Speakers' Corner. Your chance to establish kudos as a thought-leader in your field.

Whether you need a little help keeping posts fresh or getting your dialogue off the ground, let's do it.


corporate GUIDES

If you're looking for something a little more formal, I'll deliver key facts with page-turning power. 



I've never been able to resist a wordy retort. Give me a few characters to play with and I'll give you a one-liner.

The long and the short of it is: I like both the long and the short of it. 



Landing page, About Us page, FAQs: they're all "you". 

Think about that literally; if an exotic voice came out of your mouth mid-conversation with your best chum. Weird, no? 

Your web copy, right down to the navigation bar and Contact Us form, needs to sing in your tone. And if you're tone deaf, don't worry about it. I'll help tune you up.



Did I mention I like one-liners?


marketing comms

Who are you? And what have you done with the brand I met on your website?

It's a drag when someone turns out to be different from their ad. Same goes for business. Tightening up the voice of your marketing and service communication can be a key to gaining their loyalty. Trust me, I did this for years.

Minor tweaks or development of the "un-template"all it needs is a little more harmony.



Yep. We can do that too.






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