The insignifican(ts)ce


I'd imagine that coming to the blunt realisation that there's probably no bigger meaning to things, no reason we were put here, no destiny to fulfill and so on, might make some people feel a bit... shit.

This isn't my experience of it.

Coming to "know" that I am not part of a master plan gave me permission to stop pursuing unhappiness-es that my less objective self thought I ought to.  Ultimately this road was strewn with casualties but you "have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette", and all that. A deeply insensitive way of putting things but let's keep it light.

I've nothing to show for the first 32 years of life on earth. Except a re-ignition of a feeling that I can best describe as staring out of a car window as a kid, wondering at everything that was out there that I couldn't yet know .


Sophie Summers