Cull your Friends


The internet's best advice for preserving life's precious fossil fuel - time.

"You literally do not have to be friends with people you don't like" - the internet

I like fresh air and walking. And when I say walking, I mean long-distance trekking on weekends and my weekday can't start until I've done 4.7 miles. I eat the kind of diet that my sister refers to as "obnoxious" and I stopped smoking and made a conscious effort to become bad at drinking, all in a bid to buy myself some more minutes on this sublime planet.

It hadn't dawned on me until quite recently though, that the biggest time succubus (succubi?) are bad friends.  *Grey clouds parted and huge God beams came spanking down on all enlightened souls, as we gazed skyward in complete understanding*. 

I wonder how much cumulative time we've wasted on one way friendships?  Doesn't really bear thinking about.

There's a catharsis in having a clear out.

I once threw away more than thirty bin liners full of possessions.  My general rule of thumb was that if it had not served a purpose within the last six to twelve months, it should probably go.  It's the investment pieces that are worth hanging on to.


Sophie Summers