Daddy Issues?


One person in two places at the same time. In the bed and in the bathroom.  Noticing the lounge lamp is on and thinking; "that's weird. I'm sure I switched that off". Feeling frightened as I fumble an arm through the half-closed bathroom door to pull the light cord and instead grab an arm, which grabs me back violently.

Cuddling a cat and thinking; "I don't know why anyone wouldn't want a cat?"

Sitting in a car at the traffic lights with my step-dad, having the most inane/ frustrating conversation about whether I could ask my auntie for the wifi password, ahead of his visit; "Otherwise it'll ruin my weekend, if there's no wifi"... "But, David, I'm not even going to Auntie Di's house?  It makes more sense for you to ask her about it when you get there. Otherwise I'm just going to forget the answer and then you'll have to ask her again anyway?".

We miss two sets of green lights whilst having this pointless argument.

What does it all mean?

The night before I dreamt of flying away from terrorism.

Sophie Summers