37 floors

I’m high above the city, swaddled in the warmth of an almost soundless tank. A vacuum, overlooking one of those miniature railway villages - the Metropolitan Edition.

The water looks fake from high up. I’ve always thought that - viewing the sea from aeroplane windows. The patterns on its surface like the textures from computer games before they got good at making them realistic.

This morning I heard the sound of a wood pigeon. 37 floors up, above the Financial District. But, then, I also mistook our plumbing for a giant rodent.

Everything’s going on down there but up here you’re completely unaffected.

The U.S election takes place tomorrow and I’ll probably observe from the safety of the vacuum. Or, maybe I will head down there.

See if I can glimpse the Four Horsemen, since I like animals so much.

Sophie Summers