Magic Handshake


Germany's apparently installing traffic lights in the pavement. It's to keep Smombies - smartphone zombies - safe whilst they look down at their devices and catch up with their correspondence and, stuff.

We're apparently all developing "text neck". That's a real thing.

Walking along the waterfront at the magic handshake between day and night, I thought; "I wish I could make myself remember how this looks". The light was nice. The clouds and wind and water; Turner-esque.

There have been a few times recently where I've thought that - the; "I wish I could remember...". I can remember thinking it but I can't remember what about, nor can I double click on the screen grabbed image I wanted my brain to save. I thought it because I didn't want to take a picture. Mindfulness or something - being present.

The irony is, that screen grab thing's probably not far off. Then I'll wish we could have Snapchat back.



Sophie Summers