There's a feeling of moving towards, or beyond, something.

That cliff edge that felt a hundred miles away not so long ago is only a couple of feet away now but I'm still unable to think literally about it. Instead, I'm having this perpetual, sound-tracked, dream sequence. There's Gorillaz, and Cibo Matto and such.

I've had it before, this feeling. I imagined sunsets and sunrises and that's exactly what I'm imagining now. So very symbolic! Or one could argue just really fucking unimaginative. Sunrise: new beginnings. Yeah, good one.

Guess it means I'm one of life's optimists - regardless of the circumstance of said solar fantasies. 

Someone told me I could "totally have a baby in a stream" the other day.

That's what I'm giving off these days... which isn't such a bad thing.


Sophie Summers