I'm not keen on the hourly approach. No masterpiece was ever bashed out over a coffee and a croissant. But it's £35, if you insist. 

If I'm researching and writing a 750 word article, I'd rather schedule in a days' work and give you the content you deserve, than spend two hours on something less than.

If you're just in need of some light editing or proofreading, hourly rates come in handy.

So let's chat about your brief.




day rate

My day rate is a Big-Smoke-modest £275but building lasting relationships is what's important to me. I've already divorced once. 

Sometimes it'll take less than a day and, occasionally, moreif it's a complex subject which needs a lot more weight behind it. I'll bill you accordingly and honestly. 


Now, we really do have to talk about this one! 

For larger projects, which require either a lot of research or are going to take longer than a couple of days, we'll need to scope it out. I'll send you a questionnaire which'll help me determine the work that's needed. Then we'll take it from there.

I'll quote based on research and writing days and your cost will be capped at that quote, even if it takes a little longer than I thought.

Working this way gives you peace of mind that you're not going to incur unexpected extra fees. Unless the scope of the project changes, of course.